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Acción 3

Matilde Mine renovation and environmental restoration of the area.

The Matilde Mine has been for long abandoned and is now in awful preservation conditions.

It has a metal castle which stands on six legs and an engine room which contains just part of the machinery.

As well as this, it has a large empty storage room which provided space for the mine’s first engine room dedicated to the extraction of mineral, and which will be now restored as the Information Centre’s main room,where visitors will be received.

Renovation works, undertaken by the firm Azuche 88 S.L, were started on July 2004.

During the restoration works in the main storage room, the ditch and the rails of the first engine room were discovered, which provides the mining facilities with greater interest.

Matilde Mine
Situation prior to Renovation
Mina Matilde antes de la intervención
Restoration Process
Final state after intervention

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