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The project aims at resolving the different environmental problems in Sierra Minera. With this purpose it sets out from the hypothesis of tourism as a growing sector in the area. The changes in tourist demand and resourses availability turns this area into an ideal place for the development of an alternative tourist offer in which both historical-cultural and environmental aspects are combined.

For this, the actions proposed want to contribute significantly to promote a tourist activity which will influence positively the socioeconomic aspects of the area which are depressed nowadays and which will set in motion the environmental restoration of the Sierra, without condemning the resourses that exist and giving use and value to a cultural and natural heritage forgotten today.

The project develops following the logical sequence explained in the previous graphic:

As a first step and on a general basis it proposes the design of a global strategy for the development of sustainable tourism in this area. This first task involves several studies, evaluation measures and environmental zoning and social participation instruments which will define a general frame from which the other actions in the project will be developed.

Paisaje Minero

2.- As a second step, the project foresees the realization of specific actions of environmental restoration and revaluation of the area. Two important actions for the project are included here:

2.1. This action, planned for the area as a whole, tries to recover livestock pathways and public tracks as a way to make possible the public use of this recreational, tourist and cultural territory which has a serious problem of land property concentration in the hands of the firm which inherits the old mining explotations.

2.2. This action proposes, to a smaller scale, the realization of a pioneer experience of renovation of two mines of a great cultural interest and the environmental restoration of its surroundings, trying to recover this degraded mining space for a new eco-cultural tourist use.

3.- As a third step (third task), the articulation of an integrated service of ecocultural tourism is proposed. This will allow the creation of direct and indirect employment in this sector, supervised by the Foundation itself from the start but with the idea of consolidating itself as an initiative of social economy, within the so called third sector.

4.- Parallel to the development of the tasks mentioned, the project implies (task 4) a large programme of spreading of the different actions and of the project as a whole. This spreading will increase its impact and will allow to transfer its results at regional, national and european level.

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