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Last but not least, the project is completed by the specific tasks of coordination and management (task 5.1), follow-up and evaluation (5.2) and informing the EC (5.3) which will allow the implementation of the project itself and the obtention of conclusions which can serve as the basis for future actions in the area, or as referents for other areas with similar problems.

Desing and evaluation of strategies to develop sustainable tourism. (ACTION 1)
· Works on the environmental and Tourist sector.
· Workshops for public participation.
Recovery of livestock pathways and public tracks in the surroundings of Sierra Minera. (ACTION 2)
· Identification of the paths network.
·Restoration, renovation and signalling.
· Promotion of use of the pathways.
Pioneer action of restoration of the Matilde Mine and its Surrounding. (ACTION 3)
· Renovation of buildings and mine’s castle.
· Environmental restoration of the area.
· Creation of an interpretative itinerary between the mines.
Creation of integrated Ecocultural tourism. (ACTION 4)
· Creation of a mining-environmental Information Centre.
· Starting of an Integrated Service of ecocultural tourism.
Spreading of the project.
· Presentation Campaign of the project.
· Website elaboration.
· Spreading of actions and results.
· Final workshops.
Coordination and management.
· Coordinación y gestión de las acc.
· Intercambios y coordinación con otras experiencias europeas.
Follow-up and evaluation.
· Follow-up commission.
· External evaluation.
· Drawing up of conclusions.
Informing the EC
· Drawing up and sending reports.
· Communication with EC technicians: meetings.

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